Staying Safe and Connected

Staying Safe and Connected

Whether getting outdoors in our local forests and parks, or at home in our backyards, please keep the following in mind to keep your family and public lands safe.

Staying safe

While At Home

  • How is the forest like a city?: Find out as these kids from PBS KIDS Plum Landing explore the roots and canopies of a local forest.
  • FSNatureLIVE: No matter where you are in the world, visit the USFS's LIVE programs for exciting, on-site learning about bats, butterflies, caves, wetlands, and more!
  • Ecosystem: Find out about the different elements that make a forest, a forest.
Staying safe

Before You Go

Recreate Locally


  • Respect local guidelines and restrictions when it comes to forest and park closures.
  • If you decide to leave your neighborhood, plan for several alternate locations, so if you arrive at your first one and there are crowds, you can move on.

Be Prepared

  • Take a soap or hand sanitizer with you.
  • Choose a less busy time of day, such as early morning.
  • Book Of Stuff To Do: Download and print this book full of games and adventures to take with you, and discover the forest!
  • Leave No Trace: before escaping to your local green space with your family, a good way to remember your role in the forest is to “take only photos, leave only footprints.”

While Outdoors

Be Prepared

  • Avoid crowded parking lots as this can be a sign that the park or trail may be overcrowded.
  • Avoid sharing gear, water or food with people outside of your family.

Enjoy Your Time

  • Sound Safari: What kinds of sounds do you hear around your neighborhood? Try this PBS KIDS Plum Landing Sound Safari activity to find out!
  • Biodiversity Bingo: How many different kinds of plants and animals live in your neighborhood? Find out by trying this PBS KIDS Plum Landing scavenger hunt!
  • Agents of Discovery: Agents of Discovery is a gamified way to get kids active and engaged in the world around them. The app uses geo-triggered, augmented reality to encourage real-world exploration of the forest and its natural features.