We’ve assembled a collection of resources for you to pair with our activities, or use by themselves.

Games and Activities

  • Download and print this book full of games and adventures to take with you, and discover the forest!
  • Play detective on your next walk in the woods and discover how plants grow, age, decay, and more with these Project Learning Tree resources.
  • Be inspired to take personal responsibility for improving the environment. The goal is for children to "learn by doing."
  • Trees are an important part of our world. Pick a tree in your yard or neighborhood and write a thank you note to your tree for everything it does.
  • What do animals do when they are hungry, thirsty, or tired? Find out in this PBS KIDS Plum Landing activity!
  • What kinds of sounds do you hear around your neighborhood? Try this PBS KIDS Plum Landing Sound Safari activity to find out!
  • How many different kinds of plants and animals live in your neighborhood? Find out by trying this PBS KIDS Plum Landing scavenger hunt!
  • Agents of Discovery is a gamified way to get kids active and engaged in the world around them. The app uses geo-triggered, augmented reality to encourage real-world exploration of the forest and its natural features.