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We’ve assembled a collection of resources for you to pair with our activities, or use by themselves.

Educations and Lesson Plans

  • What do animals do when they are hungry, thirsty, or tired? Find out in this PBS KIDS Plum Landing activity!
  • What kinds of sounds do you hear around your neighborhood? Try this PBS KIDS Plum Landing Sound Safari activity to find out!
  • Get outside and enjoy nature with apps, links, and other resources from the NatureWatch site!
  • Be part of a national network of field classrooms outdoors.
  • The Jr. Ranger Programs use Forest Service science and practices to encourage children 7 through 13 to enjoy and appreciate nature.
  • Find out as these kids from PBS KIDS Plum Landing explore the roots and canopies of a local forest.
  • Can there be a forest hiding inside the city? Watch this PBS KIDS Plum Landing video with Ranger Jesse and find out!
  • How many different kinds of plants and animals live in your neighborhood? Find out by trying this PBS KIDS Plum Landing scavenger hunt!
  • No matter where you are in the world, visit the USFS’s LIVE programs for exciting, on-site learning about bats, butterflies, climate change, wetlands, and more!
  • Find out more about grants available for students and classrooms.